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  • Introduction to discretionary trusts

Introduction to Discretionary Trust

A discretionary trust is also known as a family trust. This is significant because the beneficiaries are all, or predominantly, members of the same family. The name ‘discretionary trust’ is derived from the role performed by the trustee.

  • Guide to engaging doctors

Guide to Engaging Doctors

Most GPs, other than hospital GPs, are not employees. The industry standard is for each GP to run their own medical practice, billing their own patients, and paying a management fee to a host practice.

  • Medical practice co-ownership

Guide to Medical Practice Co-Ownership

Most practices involve some form of co-ownership, and the frequency of co-owned practices is increasing as practices become larger. The owners may be the GPs themselves, or trusts or companies controlled by the GPs. The practices may be set up as partnerships, associateships, companies or trusts (unit trusts or hybrid trusts). With so many variables in the ownership equation the number of possible outcomes is almost unlimited.

  • The essential numbers for setting up a medical practice

The Essential Numbers For Setting Up A Medical Practice

Setting up a new medical practice requires considerable planning, time, and often financial investment. It is critical to plan ahead, not just on the physical aspects of the medical practice such as the location, [...]

  • ten principles of investing

Ten Principles of Investing

We stand by our ten principles of investing, and they have been our investment philosophy for more than a decade.

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