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  • Curve Investing in the next 100 years

Investing in the Next 100 Years

Successful investors know successful investing occurs over decades and across generations. With the height, stability and longevity of a doctor’s income comes the opportunity to plan for the next generation.

What is an Exchange Traded Fund?

Exchange traded funds have quickly become one of the most popular ways of investing into the Australian sharemarket. ETFs combine the best parts of various types of managed investment and can be a very [...]

Industry Super Funds Are Good

Industry Super Funds Are Good. Hesta and First State Super (nee Health Super) are household names for doctors. They are both “industry funds”.

  • Superannuation contributions no brainer

Making super contributions – it’s a no brainer!

It makes absolute sense for a doctor or dentist to consider making concessional superannuation contributions given the tax savings provides a better after-tax return instead of paying tax to the tax office. Something is [...]

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  • Tax Planning for GPs feature image

Tax Planning for GPs

When is tax planning appropriate? Tax planning should be an on-going process whereby commercial issues and developments are constantly monitored and the implications of income and other tax practices considered. [...]

  • Investing in a Practice feature image

Investing in a Medical Practice

A young GP will often ask what should I do? Buy a home or buy a practice? Our answer is “buy a practice first. And then use the extra cash flow to buy a better home.” Find out more by reading our complete eBook.

  • Investing in Managed Funds... not!_Curve

Investing in Managed Funds… Not!

We do not like managed funds and recommend GPs do not invest in managed funds except for certain limited circumstances... find out why inside.

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