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  • A guide to negative gearing

A Guide to Negative Gearing

Not only can negative gearing form a part of a wealth creation strategy, but also can deliver long term financial benefits & possible taxation concessions.

  • Guide to Preparing a Medical Practice Business Plan

Guide to Preparing a Medical Practice Business Plan

This Guide to Preparing a Medical Practice Business Plan has been developed to assist both doctors and practice managers understand the potential of their practices. It contains numerous practical tips and advice and identifies the main issues connected to planning and successfully running the practice. It has been identified as an area where practice managers and doctors alike have a keen interest, and a lot of important information is contained in the guide.

  • Guide to engaging doctors

Guide to Engaging Doctors

Most GPs, other than hospital GPs, are not employees. The industry standard is for each GP to run their own medical practice, billing their own patients, and paying a management fee to a host practice.

  • Medical practice co-ownership

Guide to Medical Practice Co-Ownership

Most practices involve some form of co-ownership, and the frequency of co-owned practices is increasing as practices become larger. The owners may be the GPs themselves, or trusts or companies controlled by the GPs. The practices may be set up as partnerships, associateships, companies or trusts (unit trusts or hybrid trusts). With so many variables in the ownership equation the number of possible outcomes is almost unlimited.

  • Starting a practice ebook

Starting a Medical Practice

Starting a practice is probably one of the most significant professional decisions a doctor will undertake during their professional life. “Starting a practice” or to “Buy into an existing practice” is a common goal for many doctors and health professionals.

  • eBook Buying an established medical practice

Buying an Established Medical Practice

Buying a practice should be the best investment for a GP. A mark of a good practice is a demonstrable ability to produce an above average return for its owners. Prospective buyers will be prepared to pay a premium over the value of the practice's tangible assets to receive that above average rate of return.

  • Tax Planning for GPs feature image

Tax Planning for GPs

Tax planning should be an on-going process whereby commercial issues and developments are constantly monitored and the implications of income and other tax practices considered. Tax planning is a legitimate activity and occurs constantly throughout a GP’s career. For example, we encourage GPs to pay large super contributions every year, at all stages of their career. The primary purpose is to ensure a financially secure retirement, but like most strategies there are secondary purposes too. In this case the protection of assets (super is protected in bankruptcy) and reducing tax are common secondary purposes.

  • Investing in a Practice feature image

Investing in a Medical Practice

A young GP will often ask what should I do? Buy a home or buy a practice? Our answer is “buy a practice first. And then use the extra cash flow to buy a better home.” Find out more by reading our complete eBook.

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